Sunday, January 6, 2013

Update Your Paypal IPN Script Before February 1

Paypal is making some changes to its system:

As part of this transition, we planned to discontinue support for HTTP 1.0 protocol starting February 1, 2013.

If your IPN and/or PDT script does not use HTTPS and HTTP1.1 or does not send a "HOST" header, you will need to update your script before February 1, 2013

Starting February 1, 2013, we will require all incoming requests to have a "Host" header which complies with HTTP 1.1 Specifications. This header was not required under HTTP 1.0. IPN and PDT scripts using HTTP 1.0 may start failing with "HTTP/1.0 400 Bad Request" errors after February 1, 2013, which will result in IPN messages not being validated successfully, or PDT scripts not being able to retrieve transaction information.