Wednesday, June 6, 2012

18 Google Projects That Failed

Not everything that Google touches turns into gold. Who still remembers the following 18 Google projects or what they actually were?

  1. Google Buzz
  2. Google X
  3. Google Catalog
  4. Web Accelerator
  5. Google Video Player
  6. Google Answers
  7. Google Wave
  8. Wiki Search
  9. Google Radio Ads
  10. DodgeBall
  11. Jaiku
  12. Google Notebook
  13. Google Page Creator
  14. Shared Stuff
  15. SearchMash
  16. Google Lively
  17. Google Print Ads
  18. Google Knol

I wouldn't be surprised if Google+, Google's extremely unintuitive attempt at a social media platform, turns out to be number 19. Google keeps saying how successful Google+ is, but last time I checked no one was using it besides SEOs, spammers and... Google employees.